Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wednesday Ride

A few of us plan to ride Wednesday (sorry short notice) @5p meeting at the gas line on Rattlesnake run rd. Here is the location -


If you are coming from the south end of Rattlesnake Run Rd the open gas line area will be on your right. The whole road is only about 4 miles long. I would say the gas line is about in the middle at the 2 mile mark (the same distance from either end of the road). Brad, Brian, and I plan to be there by 4:30p so if you are not sure of the location you will find us on the road.


Travis said...

If you park at the yellow gate just up(towards Mentzer Gap) it makes for an nice easy warm-up....or just spin up the road to the yellow gate. I'll forward you a nice map sent to me by el presidente so you can see how much that trail covers. The yellow gate is the same road you should start Virginia from if that is what you are still planning on doing.
.....and the code word is scrang!

slayer...eh? said...

Its all good...Nevada prides himself on not warming up, rubbing tires, and using cheater lines.

Slowride said...

I thought those were passing zones?

Nevada said...

Thanks Travis!

Slayer is just upset because the VooDoo wrecked on the rough fire road. And we do not even want to get into one rider -no names- knocking of large branches so they fall on other riders.

Slowride - when the broken Slayer is in front of you are correct passing zones are needed.

Travis said...

All this trash talkin', you guys sure your not Cupcakes?

brett said...

"aspiring" cupcakes.