Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Black Mo Race for the Y(mca-a)

Yo, racers! Just starting this race up this year. A great excuse to come up Saturday and enjoy some State College sweetness, then race on Sunday. Or just come on Sunday as race time is a travel friendly 10:45am. (can't Michaux do this?) 100% of your race fee goes directly to the YMCA. They help people stay healthy, won't you? That's my pitch. Sorry for the shameless promotion. Come up and win medals, maybe a prize or two, heckle the promoter, and enjoy a non-techy but stenuous course.



brett said...

By the way, loyal readers, the post title is a link to the bike reg site for the event.

Travis said...

Oh, to be young again,....just pack my bikes and brew and go. Can I get a sitter??

HO said...

tks el Bretto! Yes, clicky the link thingy! Bring the family. Black Mo has a great beach, kayak/paddle boat rental, the moss-hanne trail and concessions. Plenty for them to do while you're out sweating.


prophet said...

Sounds like fun but will be away that weekend. Maybe next time!