Thursday, August 12, 2010


Sunday will be at the water shed. We will meet at Hamburg road parking lot. Ride time 9am.


Anonymous said...

I am from NC visiting family in Greencastle. Can you tell me how to find the meeting point for Sunday's ride?

Slowride said...

The Water Shed is near Frederick MD. I've never been there. Hopefully someone will post direction or a map link.

I may post a local ride for Sunday. I'll figure something out today.

Dkeg said...
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Dkeg said...

Look for the one on Hamburg rd

Anonymous said...

If you want to go to the Water Shed you can follow me. I can meet you at the Food Lion in Waynesboro at 8:15. Post if you are interested.

Chief said...

I'll meet you there also. Andy you can follow us down

pabiker said...

How was your ride? I rode up in the Shed with some DC folks on Sunday and it was a little slick, but we had a fun time.

North of Hamburg Rd. for us on the rocky stuff.

Chief said...

We had a GOOD TIME BUT IT WAS WET AND SLICK SO WE stayed away from the tuff stuff