Sunday, January 30, 2011

Snotcycle 2011

I found this on facebook. It pretty much sums up what most people remember about Snotcycle 2011. The SSers would like to thank all the little people who raced before us to pack down the snow so we could ride more and walk/run less.


Anonymous said...

Thank you little people! I found 90% of the course rideable by the time we started. I was expecting a hike and was pleasantly surprised with a snowy good ride.

It helps that wrecking in deep snow really doesn't hurt at all.

Anonymous said...

Your welcome. Glad someone enjoyed it. I was one of the twenty or so Cat 3s that got to hike the extra loop too. I rode less than 10% of the race. But I did get to drive from upstate New York!!! Ohhhh Mr Race Director, why don't we take a walk out in the woods..... pow