Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Timber Sales Recently Awarded

I know this isn't nearly as cool as BOA lacing systems, but here's three timber sales recently awarded in Michaux, one south of 30 and two north of the DMZ.

Links to the Prospectus for each:

Shriner's Knob Salvage--between Staley and Wirt Roads

Lake Warren Sale--North side of Ridge Road between Michaux Road and 233

Irishtown Gap Sale--North side of Ridge Road, north of 233, bordering Kings Gap

The maps are on page 8 of the documents.


camps said...

I couldn't find those on any of the 3 links:
Bid openings
No Bids
Recently Opened

was trying to get a better view of the maps since I can't tell where they are

brett said...

Post has been edited with links. It's a pretty long list of Recently Opened Bids to sift through right now.

camps said...

New 1500 block is about all I see in those. And maybe even that isn't affected (it may be farther north)?

brett said...

100 Block affected.

bige said...

thank brett,

I use to hike over at king gap in that area where you come off ridge road. those trees are pretty good in there for timbering. Wonder if they're going next to posted border area off that hiking trail from PG furnace to king gap (has a powerline trail next to buck trail).

The other one you listed off ridge road I be curious if it goes down to the old bar that burned down off 233. i know alot of deer are in that area since it posted (road that turns in by the old bar). I see the bid was for june 2012 to have the logging completed. That's a long time meaning 2 summers if they get behind on the permit date.

At least it down the side of hill where we don't ride. you'll have to watch for logging trucks if going home from 233 on ridge road.


Anonymous said...

for every timber sale there will be a birth of a new trail .trails come an go . norsho thrillbilly