Wednesday, September 07, 2011


big Props to big Brian who reached the wood in his first Shenandoah Mtn 100.
Brian passed me after AS-5 as I was chillin' for a bit.
I tried to catch him, but he was in a hurry to get to the hospital
Great job Brian


brett said...

mightily impressive.

brianfults said...

thank you larry

Slowride said...

I gotta say, Brian you rock! That's not mightily impressive, that's balls out, hard core, outrageously sick!!! Slide an F'n in there somewhere and know what I really think! Well done!! We're tradin' punches next race!! I know I'll pay for that one.....fair enough. I gotta toughen the f#*k up anyway!

brianfults said...

WOW i dont know what to say,but thanks slow ride. the last 2 years i have learned that i want to be like people like lary camp, kent , howard, mike,jess, nate, scott green,petter, harlen, you, god the list goes on and on.i have never been so happy as i am when riding with my buds or even people i never met.i love this sport. to b honest i just got lucky sunday. i will always give back more than i will take!

camps said...

I'd say you're well on your way.

You don't get "lucky" in a long bike race, but you do get plenty of hours to practice dealing with nutrition, cramps, stomach issues, mechanicals, voices in your head, and oh yeah, that little hole in your leg. Well done.

Howard said...

Good job Brian! Not you, Slow.
I can`t wait to watch you guys trading punches at the next race.
Gee, I wonder who will come out on top?

Fults, you should come out and ride with MBM sometime. There are many great trails in Michaux that aren`t included in any of the race loops, especially in the Mont Alto area.

brianfults said...

Slowride i want to just make the 5 1/2 cut off man. That way i can finish. 27 miles in 5 1/2 hours baby. Thats the goal. Dont need to trade pushes when i will end up ko- ed

Slowride said...

No way Brian. I was just making the point that any place on the block after 100 miles is an awesome day.
If you're running the 40 in the next race you got me a couple times over.
I ran the 10 with you in Teaberry the year you brought the toy hauler. Now you're running centuries and I'm still running tens??
You've come a long way in a short time.

Now if you want to be more like me its ez. Drink a lots of beer, ignore everything your doctor tells you, complain, whine, live in pain, think that things will magically fix themselves and then you'll be well on your way. I don't advise it. Your course is much more appealing.