Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Sunday will be at Old Forge, Mackey I hear is on the trail list
Ride time 9am


Howard said...

So, who`s leading the ride? I should be there but being on call may cause me to have to bail early.

MichaƂ said...

Hey Guys. I'd like to join you tomorrow for the ride.. but where is Old Forge? Thanks Michal

Howard said...

With the weather, conditions, and being on call, I don`t think I`m going to make it to the ride tomorrow.
Sorry for suggesting the ride location and not showing up.

drw said...

We meet at the camp on old forge road between south mt and waynesboro.
If you come from south mt, it is just past the AT on the left (kind of down a hill across from the camp).
Tomorrow may be a slim showing. Some regulars will be out of town and some will be preparing for the ironcross.

drw said...

Did anybody ride today?
Scott and I did 45mi of mostly dirt road to prepare for the ironcross. It was cold, but we totally lucked-out and stayed dry the whole time. Ran into Emory around the mudbanks - that guy's everywhere!

BigE said...

Yeah you two were the only one I saw in the woods. Only other guy i saw was on a cross bike at the furnace (oops must been training like you two nuts).

At least we didn't get any snow. They got 2 inches were i grew up for snow saturday night (cresson mountain area).

I thought it was better in the woods since the road seem too deep with mud dragging your tires. Those CG panaracer tires I got work great in this type of weather.

Hope everybody does well in the ironcross race next sunday. At least it's going to dry out this week.


jimpt said...

I managed to ride about 50 miles of the Ironcross loop. Wasn't as lucky as some others as it rained on me just after I jumped onto 234 from Lippencote. Almost bailed, but toughed it out to see what the course was like. Hopefully the sun will actually shine this week and dry things out.

SkinnyLegs said...

You guys are tough. See you at the aid station- with smiles on your faces!

drw said...

Hey jimpt,
I think we saw your tracks on piney ridge. Did you see anybody else doing any preriding?
Looks like next weekend is going to be great weather for a sufferfest!

jimpt said...

I saw 2 guys finishing right when I was starting at the Furnace stack. I think they were driving a Four Runner or Honda Pilot. Other than that, only 1 mtn biker and the 20 or so turkeys that crossed the road on 2 occasions.

Hoping the nice weather improves the speed of the course, as I am slow and need no further hinderances such as a soft course to make me slower.