Sunday, June 10, 2012

Post group ride report 6/10/12

We had a nice turnout this morning with several new riders to the group showing up to join us on a nice spin through the southern end of the forest. Virginia and Southern Gas were sweet as they always are.  We need to schedule a club trail workday for Rocky Ridge, it is in serious need of some trimming and pruning.

Here's  a link to the route we rode

A turtle on Rocky Ridge

The view from the end of Virginia

A few of the 12 riders from today

 Jason cleaning a tricky uphill section of Rocky Ridge

 Hughey with an epic fail

New guy Austin schooling us on how to do it

Hey Wilson, what line is that?

Dave went on a search & recovery mission looking for Ken who had multiple flats today and got seperated from the group, and ended up getting a flat himself.


BigE said...

That's not a flat dave. Jeeps ride their tires that low. Oops for got you don't have a jeep to go off roading.

That turtle look lame to the one I stared off today. Mine was in middle of trail and was doing a face off with me. About 5" circumference in size.

What time did you all get done? it was starting to get humid when I finished at 1pm. Hans left at 11am to hit up troegs for beer tasting.


ken said...

The ride started off well for me... until my sealant spontaneously quit working on the back wheel, the valve on the first spare tube broke, the second spare tube was installed, and then my front tire sprung a leak that refused to seal up. It was a nice hike in the woods after that.

H said...

Nice pictures BirdMan. It looks like I missed a nice ride, but as Emory pointed out I was only able to go two hours before the knee got too stiff. We did have fun riding today, too. I found out that I've been riding Swatara the wrong/harder way around. We rode one of the trails in each direction and I was surprised at how different it was. I also got to meet Brian and Andrea from SAMBA. I thanked them many times for their hard work and invited them many times to come out for one the club rides. Please give them an extra warm reception when they show up. You guys missed some nice beers today at Troegs and I bought for everyone that went over there with me! Hopefully my knee will be ready to do long rides with you guys in a two weeks.

camps said...

I wouldn't exactly call Austin "new" to mtn biking, quite the opposite. But new to Michaux, and glad he made it out.

drw said...

It was a good day in the woods.
Thanks for the pics, Bird.
And I would agree, Larry, we had new guys but they were all experienced riders, the other two were the guys we met in MD last week.

prophet said...

This is definitely one of the most fun loops in the forest. Great ride on a great day!