Sunday, June 10, 2012

Thursday ride - Long Pine Reservoir 5p

How about having the upcoming Thursday ride at Long Pine reservoir, instead of Mont Alto? Update - Thursday ride will start at Long Pine as long as Sue does not shoot me for changing it.


Howard said...

The Thursday Mont Alto Ride is the only "set in stone" MBM weekday ride.
There are people who don't normally make it to Mont Alto on Thursdays just because it's so far for them to drive.
If you ask me, I say the Thursday ride should alternate locations just like the Sunday ride.

Slowride said...

Thursday rides can rotate as long as you post the alt ride location by wednesday morning.

Dave said...

I should be able to make it.

Sue said...

Will not shoot you. Will be at the beach! Have a fun ride?

T said...

Can you wait and start a few minutes late? I know a guy that wants to come but can not make it until 5:10.