Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Thursday Ride (Changed)

We need riders to test the timing. Lets meet at Mont Alto at 5:30.
We'll do Quarry Gap and hotdogs another time.

Thursday, ride time 5pm, bottom of Quarry Gap Road.
Blue to sting, then we'll climb road and bomb #6 or wigwam.
Finish on yellow hill.
We may do a time trial on yellow hill.
Hotdogs after the ride.

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BigE said...

Hey slow,

Take a folding saw with you. I went up yellow from caladonia dump staion yesterday. I cleared most of the trees.

I only did the side around the fence not the lower trails (took right at top of hill not straight when climbing from bottom).

I found alot of trees down on abby trail, but hope to get out sunday to cut those off if i get my bike fixed (6" trees for size or smaller).