Monday, August 06, 2012

Trail work, Video and 19 People on Pre-Ride!

We had a great turnout for the pre-ride on Saturday. 19 people came out to play. Four guys from DirtRag rolled in from Pittsburgh. Riders from York who had never seen the trails before and a bunch of more local riders who had never ridden this end of the forest. Campers, Josh, and Stephen showed for crowd control.

Everyone had a great time and the climbs seemed to not bother anyone. There were a couple tired souls by the end, but a very positive reception overall.

On Friday, Larry, Michael Johnson, Clingan, and Brett Denike came out to fine-tune Buckets. Some soft raking and removal of some flow killers have the logged section running super nice! On the pre-ride Josh and Larry were extra stoked since they know what that trail is normally liked. The rest of the newbies, weren't aware of what Buckets has been through. When you get a chance go rip down it. Thanks to the Monday crew for getting the brush beat back. That's a ton of work done and I'm sure we're going to need to go over it once more before the race.

I made a little video of the pre-ride. Enjoy!

Madcap Enduro of Michaux from harlan price on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

Just a little warning, had a little encounter with a Rattlesnake on Spooge at the power line cut. Nasty bugger, I had stopped to make an adjustment and thought that would be a good place(in the cut) and heard that lovely rattle sound. Anyhow that was Sunday about 1/2 hr. after group ride had passed (out doing my own thing)Please keep your eyes and ears open!!! Dave R

H said...

I'll still come out and help despite your music choice. ;)