Saturday, October 06, 2012

October Already??

What happened to summer? I woke up this morning and it was gone?

Now that the leaves are falling it's time to start wearing more orange. Just dodge the arrows and you'll be fine for a few more weeks! Here's a link for exact dates on all 2012 hunting seasons

If you're running in the Ship Army ROTC 10K today, you're going to be late! Get up and get going!!
The best of luck to everyone running!

If you are racing in America's Original Ultracross Race tomorrow I wish you very strong legs, no rain, traction and a time to remember!
I've never done it. I'm thinking there won't be any regrets down the road either. However, MBM is providing marshals and a check point for all of Sector 2. For those that don't know Sector 2 (and I'm just taking a shot at this...get it? hunting season?..anyways : )

Sector 2: The southern most section of the Iron Cross race consisting of the largest portion of single track hike-a-bike in the loop. Infested with whining, bonking, "why do I do this" cycling enthusiasts who did not anticipate carrying their bike up loose, rocky, 800 foot climbs. This section has come to be known as "Hike-a-bike-hell."

If you're out watching the Iron Cross race. Stop in at checkpoint 2. First rider through about 11am or sooner. (the power line crossing on Stillhouse Hollow Road.)

Have a great weekend everyone!!



clownbike said...

FEB 23 is the magic day. There are overlapping hunting seasons for various game continuously until FEB 23.
We'll talk about spring gobbler when the time comes.

clownbike said...
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