Saturday, October 20, 2012

Sunday Long Travel Ride.

Long Pine Reservoir lot again! Ride at 9am.
Enduro Style casual road climbs and bomb trails. Everything on the 233 side of the mountain. Should be lots of fun! Several options. Several cutout points.

Bring the full sussers.
We expect to lose at least half the group on the first casual road climb due to mechanicals, misdirection, lost riders and confusion! ; )

The last one to arrive is sweeper! First one to ask where we're going is ride leader!!

See you there.


drw said...

There's our duty-handler.
Thanks, slow!
I shall return someday - I'll let u know.
Have a fun ride. I'll be ringing the old cowbell in Hershey - hopefully with a trip to troegs after the race!

H said...

I will be doing Mooch's ride. ;)

H said...
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