Wednesday, December 19, 2012

End of the World, Scotts B-day, Beer!

What do these have in common you ask? Well, they'll all be happening in one place at the same time this Friday evening starting at 5:30pm at Good Ta Go in Chambersburg.

First, we'll be sending one of our own over the hill......further. Scott will be celebrating 46 years! Come help us figure out why he only looks 30'ish.

Second, we'll be sending ourselves into the abyss...further right? The world should have ended at 12:21pm that day so, if you're still alive make the best of it and join us!

Third, Beer! Good Ta Go has a great selection. Most of us like beer. So, this place is like giving a bike junky keys to Sram's warehouse. I know what you're thinking. We'll be there early too!!

See you there.


prophet said...

Your first beer is on me unless you arrive too late for me to be coherent enough to buy you a beer!


Slowride said...

In that case every beer is my first beer!

COMET said...

i'll be in c-burg earlier in the day. I'll start the tab for ya! happy b-day scott!