Thursday, December 20, 2012

Two Local Cross Gigs

Hey Ya'll, coming up soon I've got a few little cross races planned for around here.

THIS SUNDAY is a free cross race at new frontiers just outside of carlisle. Bonfire, potluck food, and maybe the octobong (the legendary beverage dispenser from dirtfest party boat) out on some singletrack. There's several categories, prizes hidden in the woods, and the unofficial trail doggie world champs. Things go off at 10am. 51 people are signed up already. Info here:

Saturday January 5th: PhillySSWC'13 Semi-Invitational Kick-Off SingleSpeedaTerrificNess Cross Race!!!  If you haven't heard, SS Cross Worlds are coming to philly in 2013. This is part of a big effort to get some stoke on for the one geared skinny tired knobbies. We've been building some trail and a pump track out at Ralph's in Chambersburg. I think he's got plans of sharing his little lunch time mecca-to-be, and this is a good chance to come hang out, drink some beer, watch some idiots, and have some fun. This one isn't free to race, but we can try to get the pump track rolling smooth if its dry enough because that is free.

Just some fun local stuff going on in the next couple weeks.

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