Tuesday, January 06, 2009


Sunday will be Skinny's coming out ride. There will be no run ups or run downs. Easy pace or what ever she wants. Probably will want to hammer. I heard she wore out the bikes at the Y. Sunday Mont Alto 9am Ride Time.


bucsexy said...

Hmmm...how can we include Spooge, Mackey Run and Heaven or Hell?

I hope we can get a good turnout for Sue's return. Heck, even Stumpy gets 1 or 2 people to ride with him.

Sue rode well on Saturday so watch out!!!

pabiker said...

Heaven or Hell? - I might be able to make it up for that.

See her on the MBM home page kicking several people (men's) asses? One guy is even walking.

Chief said...

Hey Skinny
Hope you all have a good ride because I don't think I can make the ride.And don't let Bucscitchy talk you into riding any where you don't want too. You are the ride LEADER this Sunday.

SkinnyLegs said...

Gonna miss you Chief... I'll keep Bucchezney in line! You're going to miss the Birthday party treats!

brett said...

hmm, we gots no plans yet. we owe Skinny a ride for the cookies last time!

Chief said...

OOOOh yea
Happy birthday Bucshitzeeeey