Thursday, January 15, 2009

Speaking of Spinning...

We are going to start spinning Tuesday nights in our basement f0r the NorChaux crowd. We don't have fancy wattage machines or a big screen, but we do have trash-talking and a beer fridge right behind the bikes. We also have a 27" TV, DVD and stereo receiver for training vids, movies and tunes. So, bring a vid or movie if you'd like and show up. Start time is 6:00 because we don't have namby-pamby gummint jobs, but feel free to show up earlier or later and start when you want. I'm guessing we have room for at least 7-8 bikes.

Wednesday night rides will still be outside if at all practical, but if the weather is really crappy, could be another indoor night.

Road biking is evil, but it has its benefits.

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