Thursday, March 12, 2009

Another Last Call . . .

If you haven't supported Tomi McMillar, get off your arses and go vote to send the useless bum to the Breck Epic.

From Tomi:

"hey, yeah, it's me again....being shameless, being a pain in your ass.
This will all be over in five days.

just got a fresh vote tally for the Breck Epic contest....
good news! With your help, I've bumped up to third from fourth!!!!

But, it is tight.
Here's the tally:

Dicky: 2526
Jen H: 2060
Tomi: 2021
Luke W.: 1889
Ryan D: 1782

Now, while I doubt I'll close the gap to Rich, I'd sure like to be more secure
in the PLEASE GO VOTE AGAIN!!!!, if your IP reset, you
can probably access the survey page again, I know I've been able to....from
both work and home....Also maybe try hitting the "vote" link from various other
entrants profiles, sometimes that will also let you thru.

Direct link:
Voting is open until Midnight on Monday the 16th.

Also, please, if you have a bloggy thing or website,
would really appreciate any further pimping you can do between now and then.

Teachers....if you have computer lab access, and a few extra minutes....

thanks kids,

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