Sunday, July 19, 2009

Race Day!

My son Darek and I were spectators today. Darek snapped some nice actions shots of everyone coming down Yellow Ridge!

Dale earning his lunch.
Stevie Seeber flying along.

Womens Leader. She was the most entertaining racer!! She was yelling and having fun. Plus sticking her tongue out at Darek.

Paul in SS form.

Rob in persuit!

Chuck flying along.


bucsexy said...

Scott - you left before awards so I got a pair of Specialized Radiator gloves in large for you.

Nick - you also left so I got a Specialized Purgatory 26x2.0 2Bliss tire for you.

bucsexy said...

The chick who won the 25 miler is Lee-Ann Beatty. You should have seen her hopping (actually leaping) big rocks in the parking lot. :-o The girl has mad skillz! Don took pictures. I heard that she wants to ride Michaux with MBM.

Chief said...

Congrats to all the riders today. I had a good time earning my lunch. The weather was perfect and the trails were fast. Good job Darek on the great pics. Another Fisher broke OOOOPS!

prophet said...

Chuck, thanks for picking up some gloves for me! I actually need a pair as half of my new pair went missing a week or so ago. I'm new to this racing gig, didn't realize there would be anything for me to pick up.

rob said...

Dale, Thanks for the "punch" at the rest stop it did the trick. Hopefully no one demands a pee test in the morning.

rob said...

Nice pics Darek, thanks.

dirtygirlmagnet said...

Nice pictures Darek, I remember seeing you two but not recognizing anyone. I just saw a camera so I tried to style it out. Thanks to all the helpers, including Dale, who kept the aid stations rolling along. What a great day to ride a bike in Michaux!

3inBigger said...

Riding with the MBM crew Thursday night definitely helped prepare me for this race. The course was awesome. Congrats to all who raced and thanks to all that supported!