Saturday, July 18, 2009

Shorts is National Champion Runner-up!

Trish is about 4 rows up on the left in the green, white and red MBM jersey. I spoke to Zach Adams last night and he said that she finished 2nd. Way to go Trish! Joel races today at 8am Central. Here are results from USA Cyclying.

Women - Cat 2 - Master - 30-39
Place Name Time Team
1 Anne Cheeney 1:15:43 Durango Devo
2 Tricia McMillen 1:17:06 MBM
3 Megan Cordes 1:18:44 The Great Chiweenies
4 Talitha Vogt 1:20:00 Damas
5 Stacy Schroeder 1:20:20 Miracle Racing / Family Cycling Center
6 Karen Holtmann 1:30:55 Mesa Cycles Racing Team
7 Jillian Horn 1:33:15
8 Kristi Welch 1:45:45 NRC / KONA


rob said...

Outstanding, way to go, not surprised at all.

camps said...


Chief said...

I'm lost for words but way to go Shorts

bucsexy said...

Joel and Zach should be starting right now. Go Joel and Zach!!!

SkinnyLegs said...


CrashedAgain said...

Great job Trish. Granby, CO, the race location, is at 8000 feet altitude and the race goes up from there! Tish's ride is remarkable for a lowlander. By the way, unlike the local races, they have a class for Skinny--40-99! The winners in the old biddy class had better times then the senior and master riders. Some people can age gracefully and competitively.

clownbike said...

National runner-up 4 months after her first MTB ride. That's f'n awesome. Say good bye to your man cards fellas.

bucsexy said...

I don't see what the big deal is. This is like her 6th mountain bike race already. After my 6th race I was, uh, nevermind. She is now oficially a USA Cycling Cat 1 (expert)!

brett said...

awesome work, trish!

shorts said...

Thanks for all the encouragement everyone!!! I was thinking how much I missed riding real courses like back at home in Michaux. Those colorado chicks could not ride the downhills so I passed all kinds of girls in the techy stuff. See ya all in August! Missed you all at dark hollow but this experience might have been worth it.