Sunday, January 17, 2010

help wanted

We've had donations of objects in 2 of these photos and are working on the other.
If we want to do it for free, we'll have to pick them up and get them to the bike park site,
We'll need something to lift these off truck and into location.
Ideas? Rentals? Borrows? Backhoe, straps, forklift, flat bed??? anyone??
Can Mooch bring a crane home from work some night?


Anonymous said...

Hmm, a small boom truck would be ideal. Unfortunately such a request is above my pay grade.

Maybe clowny knows a good ol' boy or two with suitable lifting equipment that we could bribe with beer and food!

bucsexy said...

How heavy are they? I have an engine lift.

Chief said...

i guess it would be out of the ? to see if the borough could help in some way. If someone has a 3/4 ton pickup i can get a tandem trailer.

camps said...

Not out of the question at all. They have backhoes and dump trucks we might use. Hopefully a backhoe can lift and place the things where Ben wants them. The boro are willing to help, it's their park too.