Wednesday, January 06, 2010


Please take a moment to renew your membership or join us for the first time.


shorts said...


pabiker said...


brett said...

Speaking of membership...when's the annual meeting this year?

camps said...

Sue and I were just talking about that. Of course, my recommendation was after ski season, and after the PBE in the 'Shed, just to rule out any potential personal conflicts. It's still all about me the Prez. you know.

Don't know when it will be, but we do know where it will be.

brett said...

those are important conflicts to avoid. especially the second.

dirtygirlmagnet said...

when is the PBE? I don't want to miss it this year

CrashedAgain said...

What is PBE?

Here are some choices.

Password Based Encryption
Perfect Bayesian Equilibrium
Programming By Example
Protective Breathing Equipment
Prompt By Example
Place-Based Education
Paint Body Equipment
Pool Boiling Experiment
Portable Breathing Equipment
Plain Both Ends
Philippine Business for Environment
Permission-Based Email
Peanut Butter Exhibition
Powerful Beautiful Excellent (John Forte song)
Play by Ear
Prompt Burst Excursion
Prompt Burst Experiment
Professional Billing Environment
Population-Based Experiment
Pending Break Encoding
Perdue Burke Ernzerhof
Problem Between Ears

Anonymous said...

What is PBE? Probably Not For You. Oh wait, that's PNFY. Nevermind.