Monday, November 08, 2010

Commuter Parking in Portland, OR

This city has the country's highest rate of bicycle commuters. They are everywhere! They don't wear Spandex. They wear business suits!

By the way, they also have the largest number of breweries of any major metropolitan area on the planet (according to the brewer/guide on our peddle tour of Portland). The beer choices are beyond comprehension, but I did my best to sample the local wares.

The mountain biking isn't bad--endless conifer forests, dense and lush with miles of swooping, manicured trails. No rocks. They must have shipped all the rocks to Michaux.

Hope to see some rocks on Sunday.

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prophet said...

Good to hear from you Steve! Thanks for the report. The riding is similar in Idaho (Driggs). I rode for two weeks there last summer and hopped 1 log each week and don't remember seeing any rocks!