Friday, November 12, 2010

Sunday ride at Raystown

This is part of a group so you'll have to pay $1 to ride with the group. I don't exepct the overall pace to be too fast but it'll still be fun! A couple riders plan to do the easiest trails at an easy pace. If you haven't done the Raystown trails think Mackey Run...but without the rocks and logs. ;-) Post on here or email me if you're interested in going. They like to know how many riders to expect.

What: Late fall mountain biking @ Raystown!
When: Sunday, November 14, 2010 9:00 AM
Meetup Fee: $1.00 per person
Where: Home Depot Carlisle
1013 S Hanover Street
Carlisle, PA 17013

Discover the world class Allegrippis mountain biking trails at Raystown Lake. There are trails here for all levels of mountain bikers and they are all labeled with their respective difficulties. We can meet in Carlilse, PA at the Home Depot located just off of Rt 81, on Rt 34, south of Carlisle, just look for the red car with bikes on top. Then we will drive up to Raystown for the day and check out the trails by bike. Bring lunch and snacks. On the way home we can grab a bite to eat along the way.


Anonymous said...

One dollar? What a rip-off.

ruthc said...

Meetup now charges a web hosting fee so all groups get it now by having a membership fee or the $1/meet. Used to be totally neat totally sweet & totally free:-(

bucsexy said...

I know! That's almost the price of a quick link.

Anonymous said...

I'm in! (mike red fisher)

bucsexy said...

See ya at Home Depot!

prophet said...

I signed up for the XPLOR group and RSVP'd for this ride. Banus and I will meet up with the group at Raystown.

Anonymous said...

Chuckles - highly recommend you and the other MBMer's follow my recommendations on route for full fun factor. 'specially if the rest of the meetuper's are newbies and looking for short or easy routes.

Have fun.

bucsexy said...

Thanks Mooch!

Kimsan said...

Was a nice ride.