Friday, February 25, 2011

2011 is going to rock!!!

I just sent out the 2011 annual meeting notes. We have great plans for this year and you can be a part of them. It's $10 a year to learn the trails, join group rides, help improve trails and learn from some of the top riders in the area. Its a small price to pay for a lot of fun!
Come join a ride and check out MBM.
If you think you need to be a pro to ride with us you're wrong. Watch the blog for Tuesday night rides. We've all been there and you won't get better if you don't commit. Why watch when you can ride???


Anonymous said...

Is it OK if ride a 26 inch wheeled bike? I was told that most everyone rides a 29 inch wheeled bike and I wouldn't be to keep up riding a 26 inch by a bike shop salesperson. I have a old Jamis Dakar and was looking to getting back into mtbing after a several years off the bike.

I Ride Bitching. said...

I don't think they have any issues with 26'ers. You can just beat them at their own game once you get the hang of things! >:}

Anonymous said...

dude ride what you got! There are advantages and disadvantages to both!

Slowride said...

26 inch wheels are OK. You are correct that most of us ride 29 inch wheels. That doesn't make a difference.
As Anon said: "dude, ride what you got."
In the case of the Dakar, it is an able trail bike if it is in good working order.
The only "must have" is a helmet.

Bird Man said...

I don't think most people care what size wheels your bike has, it's more about which tires you run right Brian?