Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Just when things were finally clearing up

I came home from work this morning to another 10" of snow here in central Michaux.  The good news is with sun out it's already compacted to 6" in less then 6 hours.  Say your prayers to the warm weather gods so we can ride!


misspriss17 said...

well,Joe and I rode from t-berry to mont alto last week but either no one rode or we missed them.There were 3 cars in the lot but we weren't shure who they belonged to.Riding was good with almost no snow. Most of the trails were completely bare.There were a lot of sticks /limbs down from all the wind.I broke my derailluer hanger on Virginia about 20 miles into the ride and being on a new bike i didn't have a spare yet so it was hike a bike the last 4 or so miles back.
If the trail conditions are rideable we should be back this Sunday.

Bird Man said...

I'd think we'll be able to ride as long as we get the rain they are calling for and don't get anymore snow. Down to 4" and less on the southern exposed side of the mountain.