Sunday, October 30, 2011

Extra, Extra, This Week Only!

How bout 2 night rides this week???
I know, a little crazy. I'm going to see Dana Carvey on Thurs, so how about Wed night at 6 from the Reservoir (is that what your plan was, Howard?).
I guess the Thurs will stay Mont Alto at 6.
Wed, 6 at Reservoir
Thurs, 6 at Mont Alto
Got it??


camps said...

I could sometimes make Weds rides, but this Weds there's an important meeting in Waynesboro? Ride from Old Forge early, show up at the meeting, get counted, and leave?

Howard said...

Yeah, I caught wind of that and wanted to attend. What time is the meeting again? How early can people show for the ride? I would like to attend that meeting.

camps said...

Meeting is at 7.

Anonymous said...

Can't make it Wed.

Clowny and I are riding 5:30ish on Thurs from Mont Alto. Come on out and ride with us if you want to feel like you are fast and in shape...

prophet said...

So, anyone riding tonight (Wednesday) at any time from anywhere? I'll be out of town for work on Thursday and need some trail time before I go so I'm riding SOMETHING. I can't really start early due to work but can probably make 5:00 and certainly 5:30 or 6:00.

prophet said...

Howard and I had to start a bit late last night due to my work but we stuck it out and got a ride in. Great night for a ride, cool and clear. Storm damage from last weekend is extensive. Trees down everywhere in Caledonia area. Must be similar throughout Michaux. Time to put a handsaw in your pack and leave it there. We were constantly clearing fallen limbs from the trails and there are some bigger trees down as well. Don't plan on bombing a familiar loop in a certain amount of time for a while.

camps said...

I may actually be able to ride, charging my one lame light now. Though Mooch's 5:30 start suits me better for more daylight, the 6 start gives me needed time to get there.

Is anyone riding at 6:00?
Anyone have a spare light? You could probably sell me your crap light from 6 years ago and it's better than what I have.