Sunday, October 09, 2011

MBM Represents at Iron Cross!

MBM ran the best checkpoint at Iron Cross again this year. David Kegley, Dave Wilson and I did the riding. David took 5th in Singlespeed category, Dave outperformed with a sub 5 hour time of 4:50 something. My hopes of a sub 6 hour time were narrowly dashed by a flat tire and some (manageable) cramps. I came in at 6:09. I'm sure I can better that with more carbs, some changes to the bike and some tire luck next year.

Here is me before the pain looking fresh-faced and noobish
Dave with his game face on
Me with my IC bling!
Thanks to Dave and others for encouraging me to run the IC this year. Thanks to everyone that came out to man Checkpoint 2, especially my wife Jill and our boys Peter and Owen. Thanks to everyone who cheered us on!


camps said...

Nice Noob

Dkeg said...

Good seeing you guys there. Nice job!

bucsexy said...

Congrats to everyone who raced! I really missed being there this year.