Saturday, October 22, 2011

Night ride photos

Apparently I am a nocturnal MBM rider as I can't ever seem to make it to rides during the day. Luckily I made it out Thursday night for my first night ride of the season.

Me and four other like-minded fellows took advantage of the decent temps and the break in the rain to get in a good-natured and fun ride.

IPA's at the top before descending the techy sketch is always a good idea, right?

Left to right: CB aka "Mooch", Brian aka "Slow", Ho' aka "Faster than you", Scott aka "Huey-Hoff"; the man behind the camera - drw aka "Cosmo"

I always forget how fun it is to ride in the dark. Come on out and enjoy the fall temps.


prophet said...

That was a fun ride! Can't wait to do it again!

Steve Finnell said...

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Dave said...

Any suggestions for a light? Have have an old nite rider, but the battery will not charge. The company does make the batteries anymore. Can anyone recommend a good light or a solution to my old one. Thnaks

Anonymous said...

Everybody I talk to keeps raving about the Cygolites.

luckmey said...
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Nevada said...

Mooch - nobody talks to you!