Monday, November 07, 2011

Ride Report 11-6

What a great turnout on a beautiful morning in Michaux.
We had 20 at the start from bigflat. After a mechanical-filled ride down new-wildcat and abby to the reservoir we ended up shedding a few. And yes, Mooch ended up submarining off breast after whacking his head on 'the' limb. Sue saw the whole thing -- totally jealous!
Climbed lollipop after picking up a newcomer (el pres), and descended camp and back up to the lot. 4 of us then continued and did 3mile and deerbingo and (after dennis blew past jakes) climbed 7, couldn't find happyhr, scared a dog, got yelled at, got flicked-off, rode creektrail, climbed bigflat atv.
Over 30 with more mechanicals than I care to recount.
Trails in good condition, with the exception of the middle of 7.


drw said...

Cyclemeter Report:

Chief said...

I was going to trim that branch some time ago. Good I didn't.Ha Ha. Hope your OK Mooch. Did your bike get wet?

Anonymous said...

Uh, you could say that...

prophet said...

Scared a dog!!!! How about the dog scared me!!! I was predictably bringing up the rear of the 4 person group of Dave, Dennis and Joe so by the time I got to the dog (a 100lb rottweiler by the look of him) 3 bikes had already passed. The owner of the dog had a leash in his hand which was, I found out, not connected to the dog in any way. The rotty twisted out of his owner's hands and bolted directly for me. "I'm about to get attacked" went through my mind but the dog turned right just before he got to me and bolted back down the trail the way we had come. I continued riding to the serenade of "Thanks assholes!". As far as I'm concerned the owner should have had that dog on a leash.

Other than that brief moment of terror it was a great day to ride with so many people turning out. I even enjoyed (everyone else's) mechanicals as it gave more opportunity for socializing!