Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Sunday will be at the watershed. More details later this week!!


drw said...

Ride is from the Sandflats at 9.
If you know your way, be there.
If not, meet at the Sheetz at 66 and 40 at 8:20.
Thanks to Dave for volunteering to be the day's fearful leader!
See ya'll there.

drw said...

Are we going to stick with 5 oclock for the Thurs night ride this week?
It'll be plenty dark, so the hunt will be over, right?

Dave said...

Here is the August trip to the Watershed Dave, Trevis and I did.
I plan to do a similar loop on Sunday.


Mooch said...

drw - I plan to ride at 5 on Thurs.

RJ said...

is there anyone riding closer to caledonia tomorrow?

Anonymous said...

Is the Sheetz in Maryland se of Hagerstown?

drw said...

That's the one.
On 40.

Dave said...

Today's ride