Thursday, November 03, 2011

Trail Work a Must!!!

Unfortunately folks, it`s time to leave the bikes at home and break out the trail tools.
I`ve ridden the past two evenings and our trails are a mess.
I wouldn`t even be interested in riding from Mont Alto again until the trails are cleared. We spent as much time bushwacking and clearing debris as we did riding tonight.
I propose that we pull a trail work session next Thursday evening, 5pm at Mont Alto. CHAINSAWS will be necessary along with loppers n such.
Mont Alto alone is going to take several work days to clean up and this is just the begining. We have an entire forest full of trails to clear. So, grab your tools, headlamps and beverages and be there next Thursday!


Dave said...

I have parent conferences until 7:30 on Thurday, so I can not help out. If you are clearing any other night next week. Let me know.

drw said...

Hey Howard.
We fall back an hour this weekend, so Thurs evening will be dark.
I could do earlier on Thurs if you can, or maybe we can just work in small groups when people can get out.
Maybe we should put a list together of the priorities and go from there?

Howard said...

If we ride in the dark, we can work in the dark.
I have extra headlamps if anyone wants to borrow, or just wear your helmet with bike lights.
Do you mean a list of trails Dave?

brett said...

The man speaks pithy truth. If chainsaws are being slung, it might make a lot of sense to wear a bike light instead of a basic headlamp.

Anonymous said...

Sounds good to me.
Yeah, maybe a trail list to let people know what's bad and what's been done.
Then if someone gets out for some work on a weekday, they'll save some searching.

Howard said...

From what I`ve heard and experienced since the storm, the trails in the lower elevations of Mont Alto are exceptionally wrecked.
Dead Dog and "trail after" that dumps you out across from the deer fence on 233 are clear.
Lees Rocks isn`t too bad.
Waynes Trail/Highway is a disaster area and I suspect Turtle to be the same.
Didn`t ride Park but I`m sure it has some debris on it.
Breast is fine and Connector isn`t too bad. New trail that connects dry res. lot to the bottom of Yellow Ridge trail needs work.
I`ve heard that Southern Gas is clear.
That`s all I have for now.

Chief said...

I rode blue and sting and they both need some work. I'm going to check out yellow this week. I'll take care of these trails and for right now I'll be at Mont Alto thurs.

jonathan said...

I have no idea what any trails are called, but the ones above the mud banks are a mess as well. Lots of trees down, not just debris. I will be heading up today with some hand tools. My wife will be joining me who is 37 weeks pregnant. So, needless to say, We won't be going far. Planning to park up by the pow camp and I'll clear some smaller stuff while she walks around. I'd love to join you all sometime to help clean up,but as I said before...I may be willingly tied up for a little while to help with our firstborn.

Howard said...

Callin for showers on Thursday. If the showers are scattered and it`s not raining around start time(5pm) I`ll be there.
Hey, that`s why they make Gore-Tex!

Howard said...

It looks as though the showers may be totally gone by Thursday evening.