Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Bike Reg has been updated. The link for membership is located on the right side of the blog.

Although you are not required to be a member to come join us for rides, there are benefits to membership. This past year members enjoyed:
*Discounts at Gettysburg Bicycle on bikes and accessories.
*A fully supported membership tent after races.
*Discounted club jerseys
*Discounted registration at the Michaux Enduro.
*Free stuff
Bottom line: You don't have to be a pro to be treated like one!

See you at a ride soon!


Buck said...

Do you mind if I wait til the Annual meeting to renew? Saves a Bikereg Fee!

Chief said...

don't forget all the cool people you get to meet and ride with.we even have some a%&holes;)

Slowride said...

You can pay any officer at any ride provided they actually are an officer and not collecting beer money. Beer money does not count as dues.
You can also pay up at the annual meeting.

prophet said...

Please give all beer money to Scott the next time you see him on a ride. :-)

Club Beer Officer

drw said...

I think prophet is a bit premature on proclaiming himself 'beer officer'. I don't believe we have had any nominations or voting for such a position.
Though he has bought me a couple of beers before, so maybe I should keep it to myself . . .

Chief said...

Get you get free eye care for beer DRW?

Chief said...

Can you get

Anonymous said...

Get you get?

I think ol' Franklin County Fitz has already had enough beer and doesn't need any from the MBM beer officer.


Chief said...

You Otta see me on whiskey drunk