Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Cold? Summer is coming!

Michaux Race Dates


Michaux Maximus
May 5th
Curse of Dark Hollow

July 21
Terror of Teaberry
September 15
More details will be posted in the near future.  


COMET said...

hey Banis, i'm still waiting for clarification on that comment.

Anonymous said...

what comment?

B anus

SoftScrub said...

The removed comment was abrasive. Comet is abrasive. Hence the Comet comment.

COMET said...


Anonymous said...

What was the comment??? Come on I'm dying to know!

Mr Clean

Gobin said...

what about all the horse shit???

chinese buffet said...

and one time... at rattling creek.. i saw a beer can with a bike on it, and then a puppy licked my face and made it all wet... but the i broke a spoke?

Anonymous said...

Now that if FUNNY Gobin!

Anonymous said...

and you too Chines Buffet!


Anonymous said...

everyone relax!

Anal Eeaazzee

man hammer said...

yo, pink sock.. wrong blog!