Monday, January 28, 2013

Blog, Links, Hucking Logs.

I cleaned up all the links in the sidebar. A few weren't working. There was one link that I could not repair so if you want that restored or need another added start by posting up here.

Blogs stats: We average around 50-100 hits per post. Thursday night ride posts rule recently with around 130 hits per. Our blog gets great traffic. I'm told this by all the marketing people who contact me. That's why the "contact us" info is gone. Too much spam. After I set up some rules for that inbox to bounce junk I'll put it back. (a "hit" is someone who viewed the comments)

We get a lot of people clicking links to our blog from two bike shops, a few personal blogs and of course the #1 search engine sending people our way is Google. Interesting info to know. You can click on the map of the world to see where they are all coming from. We're famous!

Hope your winter is awesome. Details on the Annual Club Meeting coming soon.


HOward said...


Anonymous said...

what happened to the map of ride locations? I'm pretty familiar with most locations, but some I still need to look up.

Anonymous said...

I love that graphic, and I have a couple of his other books. It's as if all anyone needs is a good picture to be able to hop like that. Most people couldn't even begin to manual from position 3 to 5, and if they could, then they wouldn't need a book to show them how to get over the log.

Nonetheless, I'll go search for a graphic of a wheelie now.


Slowride said...

We can add a custom location map to the post. (see the most recent ride post and click on the Location link below Comments.)
This will be a little more obvious because the parking locations map was often missed by visitors to the blog. You can still do everything the old map did like get directions, gps, zoom, etc.

Slowride said...

I like "Have a good attitude!" (cause it could hurt if you mess it up.)

HOward said...

Must concentrate on positive chi. No probrem!!!

Jeremy said...

I hope you guys are doing well and enjoying the winter riding. I look forward to making a Sunday ride sometime soon. I've been hitting the boring trainer pretty hard. For some reason, I cannot post from my phone anymore. See you soon on the trails!