Tuesday, July 16, 2013

2013 MBM Socks!

Orders due August 1st 

Each MBM member (membership is paid for 2013 on or before August 1st) will receive one complimentary pair of MBM socks! If you have a family membership, each family member will receive one pair of socks free (but you'll have to let us know how many kids you have). If you would like to order ADDITIONAL socks the cost is $5.

Please let me know the following:
1.What size you need (1 pair free)
2.How many additional pairs you'd like to order ($5 ea.)
3.How many kids you have. (ex small size unless otherwise specified)

Email the treasurer:
smader76 at comcast dot net 

Socks will be delivered at an upcoming MBM ride. (to be announced later)

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