Friday, July 19, 2013

The Curse of Dark Hollow

The Curse is here!!
If anyone can help with running a checkpoint please email me
We are short a couple people this year so we could really use the help!!

Good luck to everyone racing!!


Slowride said...

If you can help us out be in the parking lot near the race tent around 8:45.
If you are not a checkpoint leader you can go straight to the checkpoint if you want.
#1 by 9:30
#2 by 10:15
#3 by 11:15

Slowride said...

We'll be hanging out in the MBM EZ up after the race. It will be near the finish tent.
See you there.

Slowride said...

What a great race! The weather worked out perfect and MBM had a great location right next to the finish.
Lots of DNF's. The Curse lived up to its name!
CF racing dominated the event with first place in the 40 and the 20. What's more impressive is the first place 20 OVERALL was a junior!
A great time had by all. Thanks for coming out! Thanks to all the volunteers that made it possible!!
See you at Teaberry.