Monday, July 22, 2013

Kids Bike Race 2013

The Kids Bike Race was Saturday morning.
Everyone had a great time! Thanks to volunteers who cleaned trails, organized the event, course marshals, and sponsors. You made it a great day for these kids!
Promoted by Larry with help from MBM and many others.
1st and 2nd got trophies in 4 divisions.
They were all business!
Getting ready to HAMMER!
Bulldog strong!!
Next year Dark Hollow!
Yea we gave him a helmet.
Dirt Shirt!!!
She could have avoided the mud.
What fun would that be?????


camps said...

Thanks a lot MBM for the trophies, and for the trail work. And the scoring help, and the photography... The trails were cleared better than they have been since they were cut.

One of those "Masters" kids actually did race the Curse. And he stood on the 3rd step in the 10-mile Juniors. He was so psyched after our Kids Race that he asked me if there were any other kinds of mtn bike things in the area. I said, uh yea, tomorrow there's this little thing.... So cool he did it.

RJ said...

I spoke with devin and his dad at dark hollow and he is hooked!!!! His dads comment was.... I guess I need to get him a new bike. Lol