Sunday, June 08, 2008

Southside Sunday

The entrance gate to H or H Trail. The only one to clean it today was a first time rider from Harrisburg, who cleaned it first time without looking. That's now the 3rd time I've watched an out-of-towner clean it straight-up without scoping it. Most locals try it several times, and today we were all 0-for.

One is about to dab, the other already has. One is riding a fixed-gear.

Two of us cleaned this today, both locals with the single-minded advantage.


Chief said...

Who did the logs. That is the bottom of the narrows? Looks great but hard.

pabiker said...

You all sure have some challenging trails up there.

pabiker said...

Do you mean who built the logs? or who rode the logs?

I Ski-Doo said...

Where is the entrance to H or H trail? Is it at the bottom of The Narrows just after Lee's Rock? I've been looking for it and can't seem to find it. We are riding tomorrow at 11:30 if anyone wants to ride. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Top of Lee's Rocks before you start to go downhill make a right and look for a big pile of rock - the trail goes over that.