Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tues. night ride in Southern Michaux

See the line? Yeah, that line, right there.


pabiker said...

Oh yeah I see it - the cheater line.

Mike Miller said...

Larry! Looks like you found the land of gnar-gnarnia. I've been meaning to see what Michaux is all about.

I'm off for the summer so I might try to make it out for a Tuesday night ride or a Sunday ride.

Buck said...

Hey D did anyone clear that section yet on H and H?? You know where I'm thinking!

camps said...

Yes buck, that section has been cleaned.

Miller, give me a mail if you want a guide.

pabiker said...

Si Senor, many times by very few people.

Anonymous said...

Larry: I'm incompetent with technology, so I can't figure out how to email you on this site.

I'm at mountainbikemartyr@yahoo.com.

I'm especially interested in the Terror Of Teaberry stuff in the south.

Mike Miller