Thursday, June 26, 2008

Watch for thefts at our ride spots!

You've read about it in the paper, you've seen it on the news - catalytic converter theft. Well, yesterday afternoon it hit home. My wife parked our Jeep at Caledonia to take the kids to the pool. When she got back to the vehicle and started it up, it sounded like she was entering a NASCAR race. Lo and behold, someone had cut the catalytic converter off the Jeep and the rest of the exhaust was just hanging there dragging on the ground.

DCNR wrote up a report for our insurance agency and also informed us we were the third victim at Caledonia in the last two days. It ain't cheap to fix when they cut it the way the do, ours is going to be over $1000 to replace.

SO - watch for suspicious activity when you are parking for a ride! If I catch any of these f**kers in the act it's gonna be vigilante justice time....


Brett said...

Wow, up until now, this was in the realm of "urban myth" material. Unbelievable.

pabiker said...

What they hell are they doing with them?