Friday, December 26, 2008

Big flat Saturday 8 am

I would like to ride Saturday morning from Big flat for 3 to 4 hrs.Dennis white f150 (Back lot)I could be flexible on the start time. my cell is 717 479 3080 I don,t expect to make Sunday's ride due to other commitments.


dennis said...

lots of ice and mud today.I rode 4 hrs and it was wet wet wet.I'd hate to let this be forgotten as my ride today was a solo one.As i was traveling on a very icy gravel goad.Try to picture this.I had to pedal very easy so not to spin the rear tire and balance was key because any false move and the bike is out from under you.Well I'm not sure where I went wrong,but I started to slide.I unclipped left foot only and without falling did a complete 180 turn and slid in reverse to a stop.Man I wish I could have had that one on tape.I got a good laugh.America's funniest videos would have been proud.Maybe i will see some of you again soon Dennis

camps said...

soundz like yous got some skillz

dennis said...

Thats how I roll