Sunday, December 28, 2008

New Year's Day Ride

Old Forge


T said...

Directions to Old Forge:
Go to and use: Old Forge Picnic Area city=Waynesboro
Park in the lower lot near the softball field.

Mont Alto:
Mont Alto State Park
Park in the stone lot accross from the picnic area.

dennis said...

Thanks for the map links

Sandie Reynolds said...

Is the New Year's day ride in Old Forge or Mont Alto?? If it is in Old Forge are you guys planning on doing that death trail...foret the name of it...that was built by they guys in Gettysburg???

clownbike said...

Death trail is way better than Mackey Run, from now on we will call it DEATH TRAIL.

They will only ride Death trail if some newbie shows up or someone is trying to impress some hottie on the ride....Chuck

Anonymous said...

Chuck is a hottie. I always ride harder trails when Chuck's there.

Sandie Reynolds said...

Ahhh....well sweet. My new bike hasn't met the death trail yet. Maybe New Year's day would be a good time. I'll be there depending on the weather. I heard some one say it might rain

dirtygirlmagnet said...

hopefully I'll still be partying at 9:00

Anonymous said...

There's no rule that says you can't keep partying on the ride. Just be courteous to other trail users and ralph on the side of the trail.