Sunday, December 07, 2008

COLD ride today

Here's to the tough crew that showed up for today's COLD and WINDY ride at Mont Alto!

Chuck, Dale, Dave W. and I braved the cold and windy conditions for about 2.5 hours. Who knows if there were gut piles today, they were all frozen and covered in snow so they looked just like rocks!

"Tough as nails" Sue and Mike "air-conditioned tights" Witter stopped by with a delicious plate full of cookies on their way to Caledonia to crush the fire roads in the chilly weather. Way to go Sue! Glad to see you back on your bike.

Did anyone else brave the weather today to get in a ride? Let's hear about it.


Chief said...

Nice pic stump. If you want to be real tough see me on the slopes tonight at Liberty!

SkinnyLegs said...

If you look closely behind that ice-covered bike, you'll see Skinny Legs huddling out of the wind. Her ankle was OK but the wind on the descent just about brought her to her knees. By the way- the holes in my leg warmers added just enough airflow to keep me cool- you know how us old guys who get fatter in the winter can overheat sometimes. Glad you liked the cookies- did you share them with the others on the ride or just your friends?

CrashedAgain said...

Some kind of white ground coating was present at the Shed today. I had to play chauffeur this morning, so I missed the fun and cookies in PA. Yesterday was pretty interesting at Gambrill--first two car accidents of the winter on Gambrill Park Road. These Southerners can't handle a dusting of snow!

My chain broke again today! Same thing again--the Quick Link released. With all the practice I got during the race, I fixed it in minutes.

If you go to you can watch the web cams for Chief. I just took a look. He's not going to have anyone to his whistle at.

bucsexy said...

There were cookies? Stumphumper said that you brought only one cookie. Hmmm...come to think of it he was snacking on that same cookie before, during and after the ride. Wait till we see him again!

brett said...

We were out in Norchaux on Sunday for about 3 hours. good stuff!

Chief said...

Hey Skinny. You had Mike to keep you warm ,All we had was Stump with a large stash of cookies. I think he took them home for CHRISmas presents! I did get one and the were delis.