Tuesday, December 30, 2008

winter cycling gloves

What mountain bike glove will keep your hands warm in temps 25deg or less.Any tips on keeping feet warm @ the same temps would be good.I did a ride last January and it was 9deg and 20+ wind gusts with 4in snow cover and fingers and toes froze. Thanks


bucsexy said...

General - I try to keep my core warm since it all starts there. I can always unzip or remove a layer. Wear a good head cover to keep the heat in. I'll sometimes carry 2-3 types of head cover on a ride.

Feet - I wear med/thick smart wool socks, regular socks, bike shoes and then slip on my neoprene shoe covers. Make sure that you wear heavier weight tights too.

Hands - Tough call. To stay warm you have to wear gloves so bulky that it's hard to shift and brake. I've been weaing a thin fleece glove with a windblock from Performance. It's working well so far. Some people use Taosti Toes.

Anonymous said...

I just bought "Spider" gloves from Dicks Sporting Goods. These are snow sport gloves that are designed to grab. They are warmer than every pair of thicker bike gloves I've ever owned and they are half the thickness of most. They were 40 bucks. I use them over my full fingered biking gloves for colder rides. This works.
Feet are the real problem. Toe warmers work. If layering, make sure you allow air about your toes or they'll freeze solid. I've yet to find a real solution except heated socks which (for real ones) cost 150 a pair. Those heated socks at Dicks and Bass Pro don't work for this. Like Buc.. said, a box of toe warmers is about 12 bucks.
Lake makes a nice winter shoe, they run 200+ for the MTB version. I think Performance has them on sale right now. Performance makes the best booty I've used and their the cheapest and best for warmth. Go a size larger than your shoe or you'll need grease to get them on.

I just put platforms pedals on and ride with hunting boots below 30 degrees. When its in the teens who cares what you look like..

pabiker said...

Craft gloves work great as do pearl izumis.

brett said...

marmot ice climbing gloves.

The Wiser Weiser said...

Pearl Izumi lobster claw gloves!