Monday, October 12, 2009

Short Term / Long Term

Good discussion down below.  Unless I'm missing something, I don't see how that proposed timber sales affects Turtle - certainly not significantly.  It depends on how deep they run that single tree selection (#8).  Where Turtle is at that point is largely populated with very young trees.  It would have a very small impact on Lower buckets.  However, it will likely destroy most of Upper Buckets and all of Charcoal Hearth (clearcut sections 13-17).  Hermit?  Do we really care?
Since it is probably not feasible to inventory the entire trail system, walk it, and get it all set aside safely before this sale perhaps a short-term strategy would make sense. 
Our former IMBA rep, Frank Maguire, now works full-time for IMBA he was successful preserving trail corridors in Rothrock State Forest (Longberer Path) when they faced a similar timber sale.  He may be of some assistance to us in his new role at IMBA.  Turtle and Charcoal Hearth are significant connector trails that open up many loop opportunities - either would be a significant loss.
It is clear that there are more recreational user days in the Michaux State Forest than ever and this trend is likely to continue.  It is equally clear that if we don't speak up for our user group it is likely that no one else will.  So the long-term strategy is also important.  Ironically, due to the work of hikers years ago some of the trails we enjoy like Raccoon Run and Secret trail will never be logged.  With fewer and fewer hikers out there these days - it's our turn to get things done.


camps said...

Interesting that the Single Tree removal is along 100% of the roadsides. and the clearcut of Hearth hides behind. maybe it's important to keep up appearances.

pabiker said...

That is pretty common these days.

All we want is for them to take into account our trails as well as the view from the fire roads.

I like to wipe my a$$ with paper as much as the next fella.

Travis said...

The only thing I am thinking is that those trails have got to be inventoried already by someone, given the fact everyone out there is riding with their gizmos. Or do you mean that forestry would have to walk and mark the trails? I would gladly put forth any amount of effort to help.
D- Spare a square and use a boday!

Tomi said...

yeah, the roadside single tree harvest is all about preserving the 'viewshed,' gotta keep it pretty. I didn't read the entire bid package, but there should be a portion about what the different paint markings on the trees signify for this sale. Blue usually means do not cut, and often mark the boundaries of the sale. Keep your eyes open next time you ride.

If the trees have been blazed for harvest, then they've walked thru it and have more than likely seen any paths thru the forest...Some of the earlier Teaberry Monster loops hit that neck of the woods, out thru the Narrow's. So Turtle, Buckets, et al have been recognized previously...but then again, so was Spooge.

Regarding an inventory, it'll take more than emailing DCNR a big fat GPS file, imagine it'll all need to be proofed on the ground.

The incremental approach of tacking onto the existing red blaze network makes sense, any of this stuff actually tie into it?

brett said...

I'm glad something constructive got put up here. I'm glad people are starting to think.

What are the choices?

Status Quo, no recourse, no input, no rights, no legitimacy, no effort by most local riders. Michaux remains this nirvana of mythical riding with an ugly underbelly.


Try to work with DCNR to change the system--lots of hours, possibly giving up some trails as unsustainable, protection of other trails, possible eventual increased usage by other user groups, perhaps more mapped systems, more work by local user groups.

Yes, perhaps management of more resources is something DCNR quails from, but the way it works is if a user group steps up to facilitate it.

Camps--yeah, call them "beauty strips" so the windshield tourists stay happy. Less ugly public feedback that way.

Travis is right, lots of data out there on various computers. We need to start the constructive dialogue with DCNR to find out what they want, what they need, what their problems are, and how we can help.

BTW--you mean "bidet", right?

Michaux can be more than what it is.

Tomi said...

regarding Racoon & Secret...that's the old AT corridor from 20 couple years ago. The only thing that was done to protect those was change the paint from white to blue when the AT got moved to the other side of 233. And since they're the former AT, it was already a recognized corridor.

pabiker said...

That was exactly my point about those two trails.

Hikers did it.

Tomi said...

curious, any MBMer's have a copy of this?

I shoulda picked up a copy last wknd...

Tomi said...

meh, damn linky too long...split it up:

brett said...

Tomi--I don't have that but it looks like a good resource.

Tomi said...

yeah, saw 'shop copies' at the festival, but didn't ask if any were avail on site..