Thursday, October 15, 2009

Swift Run / Snowy Mtn

Here's the next one. No trails looked to be affected by this one. That double-track line running from Swift Run Rd on a northeast diagonal to the other double-track, is the Curran Trail. Curran is an official trail, and though not a sweet singly track, it is useful as a climb back up from Old Forge to the fire tower.
Block 6 does get close to a trail that leads to another trail that was cut 2-3 years ago.


prophet said...

So where is the place to monitor these stumpage sales? Do we have to ask a human being for information on the upcoming sales or are they on the web somewhere?

Anonymous said...

There was a link added to the right side of the blog so you can check them out.

brett said...

Only downside--once they hit that page, they are essentially unchangeable. It's like monitoring them after the fact.