Wednesday, November 25, 2009

GW Nat'l Forest Casual Ride Dec 5th

Thought I'd post this out to our club. A friend (JoeP) is leading a casual ride at a not-so-casual place, Elizabeth Furnace, south of the borders in Virginia. He's posted a long ride (23 miles), which will take about 5+ hours at a casual pace.

You seasoned Meeshow riders will have little trouble with the trails and rocks, though the length and height of the climbs will be a lot different than around here. That also means that the long descents are a lot different than Meeshow also :)

It's about a 1.5 hour drive down 81 to the Strasburg, VA exit. Then about 8 miles from there.
It's some kind of hunting season there too, and this is a Saturday ride, so please don't get shot after I sent you there.

Ride post here
The rest of that growing thread here. Details on whatever hunting season is somewhere in there.


brett said...

oh, my.

pabiker said...

BE WARNED: This place is hell on bike frames and faces - ride within your limits however low they may be.

brett said...

you need to add some links of graphic detail.