Saturday, November 14, 2009

Saturday 1

nervous about the sneakers

then some Oregon All-State guy shows up with no seat.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Larry. Had a blast. Can't wait to play next Saturday. Riding obstacles clipped in really is going to feel like cheating now.

Josh aka Maverick Mohawk said...

Looks great! I had hoped to make it, but was really busy the previous night @ the PUB and did not get off of work until nearly 3 AM. Hopefully next week!


brett said...

bigger turnout than last year? we plan to be there this coming saturday!

Chief said...

OOOH yea it was a real good time and I also learned alot. Larry is the man and to watch Paul do his thing was great. If I can be there this Sat. I will.

dirtygirlmagnet said...

I'm hoping to be there this saturday again. Going to the whitetail job fair at some point too.

dirtygirlmagnet said...

roll call for tomorrow?
I'm in.
my bike will be there too