Saturday, June 26, 2010

Lincoln, NE

I went to Lincoln Nebraska for a couple days. In route I bought the latest issue of Bike to read on the plane. Pg 33 had article which mentioned a small bike shop in Lincoln. So, I had to check it out.

I found a very "bikey" town not just a cool shop.

There were bike lanes and bike art and bike racks all over the place. Some of which is shown above.

Monkey Wrench Cycles is owned by a guy who collects vintage mountain bikes. The collection includes about twenty and they are displayed on a high rack in the back of the shop. You can see them in the photo published in Bike. All of them are in excellent condition, some are one-offs, others are old or just rare.

I told him a was visiting, found the article and wanted to check the place out.
He showed me the shop and all the vintage bikes and told me a little about them. It was cool. I spent some money and went on my way.

Another note from Bike on page 42 shows Jeff Schalk riding Iceberg in the Watershed. He is the National Ultra Endurance Champion and Iceberg is his favorite trail. That's pretty impressive and speaks volumes for this areas trails. Then he goes on to suggest he can't clean it! Or maybe he's telling us we can't clean it. Not really sure. So, my question is: has anyone cleaned Iceberg?

Post away. See you at the next ride.


I Ride Bitching. said...

Very interesting. Thanks for the pictures/captions.

camps said...

Iceberg has been cleaned in one direction by at least 2 people, ChrisE, and possibly the esteemed architect (can we really believe it though ;)

clownbike said...

Iceberg in BIKE magazine. OMG my side hurts from laughing. Did they give directions and post a trail map in the article too?

Slowride said...

I'll just assume its beyond my skill set and leave it for the champions. Besides, I ride a GF and have yet to break it. I think I'd like to break it in North Michaux anyway.